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Photographers August 18, 2011

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We are very lucky that we are photographers ourselves and we can snap awesome photos of our MiniMan anytime we want but most of you wont have that luxury –  so here are some tips when searching for maternity/baby/kid photographers

Maternity Photos:

-The best time to book is 30-35 weeks – you’ll have your awesome baby bump and not look like you’ve given up/want this thing out now
-Don’t do anything you don’t feel comfortable with – if you feel uncomfortable it will show in the pictures
-Don’t pose with something that isn’t of interest – people will ask you about the pictures.. if you posing on a Harley but don’t own one/don’t want to own one, you’ll come to regret it
-Be open with the photographer –  if you want a mole or pimples that you want removed from the picture, let them know, same goes for if you have a mole that you don’t want edited out, otherwise they might not edit anything, or edit everything and it wont seem natural

Baby/Kid Photos:

-Always book around nap times –  if you have booked in advance and nap times have changed, see if they can shuffle appointments on that day
-Bring your child’s favourite toy/comfort thing –  you’ll most likely be standing on the sidelines acting like a crazy person waving their toy if they’re acting up
-Bring food and clothing changes – food for babies/kids can be used a mini bribe so it can sometimes make them sit still.. and clothing changes just in case they’re extra dribbly/throw up/you don’t trust the props that the photographer has
-If you don’t feel comfortable tell them or get out – if you feel uncomfortable with the photographer/gut feeling, get out & don’t sign anything/ask for the contract back, it can be embarrassing to do, but you wouldn’t order a drink from a bar, only to have dodgy floaters in it and not complain –  its business plain and simple

Overall Ask about all the costs before booking –  there are unfortunately a lot of creeps out there that will advertise for $100, but what they wont tell you is that all photos are above and beyond that, and I’ve heard some people say that some places charge $200 upwards for 1 printed photo
and RESEARCH RESEARCH RESEARCH, photographers will only post the best of the best on their photosite, and will only post the good reviews, so since the internet is here, use it to your advantage, at the end of the day if you get a photographer that you get along with/enjoy their style, you will get the best pictures –  if you find bad reviews saying how much they charge/how they argued over xyz/ horrible editing/ bad printing and they’re recent, chances are they haven’t changed –  but also don’t book a photographer who only does natural shots when you are wanting a fun and friendly shoot

Last but not least –  don’t hesitate about getting photos done if you’re keen to –  moments pass by so quickly when you’re pregnant/have kids that sometimes you miss the perfect points, and if you miss them, you’ll regret them.


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