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Flights with a 6 month old August 19, 2011

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When booking this trip I must say my stress levels raised a little –  How can I keep a little one whose currently teething happy for a 2 hour wait,  4 hour flight, and a 1 hour transit back to sanity/comfort of a hotel room????

We luckily had a little money boost and grabbed some premium economy seats for 2 legs of our 3 leg trip –  but for a 6 month old it would be fine to have just basic economy seats as they’re still not 100% mobile..

My suggestions would be:
-Some panadol before hand or some bach remedies drops to calm the wee ones
-Let them have alot of tummy time before hand –  find somewhere safe and put down a blanket
-Try and keep them awake right up until the door is closed on the plane as sometimes waiting in your seat/waiting to taxi out/take off can be more than 45 min, and sometimes thats a sleep cycle for the little ones and they can wake up mid takeoff and feel the full effect of the pressure in their ears
-Something to distract them (we used a rattle) –  when the pain gets to them and they dont want to eat/suck on a dummy when we shook a rattle, it made him break away from screaming for 2 seconds so that he could suck on some food/dummy and help release the pressure
-Favourite toys – bring more than one just incase they get bored of the other one
-Bring any medication on board(like teething powders, panadols etc)
-Put the inflight telly onto cartoon channels –  it will be something to look at to keep them semi entertained
-Isle seat –  if you need to calm them down, its much easier getting up and rock them about
-ask for pillows and blankets before take off –  the belts that they give you to strap in your little one are ridiculous.. and the arm rests arent fantastic when you’re holding a little one so you will need to prop up your arm a little bit to relax on
-bring enough food with you to cover double the flight/wait time –  you never know when delays will happen

And mostly, don’t forget babies cry, and unfortunately they don’t understand  what air pressure is and don’t know how to unblock them, so relax and don’t forget to keep your own energy up (if you cant find time for a meal, make sure you have lollies or some snacks that are easy for you to eat)

^ this was our luxury on the way back –  our flight went from 4 hours to 6 hours long so we were lucky that we booked it as a wedding anniversary present to ourselves!! but luckily the air hostesses to him off our hands for 20 mins so we could have a breather due to the delay –  the staff are there to help you 🙂


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