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One of THOSE days August 19, 2011

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We all have them.. you know THOSE days.. when you loose your head?
You either forget to have a shower, forget about the tea brewing/that you have a coffee made somewhere, that you forget to eat/feed the cat, or that your top is on back to front.. and all you can do is hold on for a day of craziness and hope that you’ve prepped your place for such days.

Deodorant can be your best friend, or if you have a friend pop by and your baby/child isn’t sleeping just tell them you’ll be back in 5 minutes and go off and have a shower.You would do the same for them.
Make sure you have fruit juice or something sweet to drink in your fridge at all time, that way if you forget about your coffee or tea brewing(because you want something better than water) you can still get a glass of something refreshing from the fridge
Set a phone alarm/outlook reminder to remind yourself to eat.. you might ignore it the first few times you see it.. but it will remind you
Pre cooked meals, meals in a can, soups, bread –  they are your best friends when days like this happen, if they’re boring just add some spices/cheese and it will make it easier to eat
If its a good day, go for a walk.. believe me you can walk for ages having one of those days as you forget about the time + you’re getting exercise –  if your top is on back to front, who cares, people who see you will either have already been in that position, or will be in it in a few years time.
Try not to cook anything/do anything that relies on time –  you don’t wanna forget about the roast only to find chard remains in your oven, or that the hair colour you left in has turned to green

and MOST importantly remember to breathe and that there is a light at the end of the tunnel!


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