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Boxes August 26, 2011

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Boxes are fantastic!

They store things, nice things come in them, and who doesnt remember playing around with a washing machine or fridge box when they were younger?

Lately we’ve been buying boxes of nappies as its ALOT cheaper than small bags worth –  but i’ve been keeping the boxes just incase they would be good for storage or something for our little man to play with. In my mummyinsanity one day I decided to make a car out of one of them….

a couple days later the mummyinsanity arrived again and a train was born!










NOTE TO SELF –  Spouts of trains will only remain on train for 1 minute tops!

I showed the huggies guys what I’ve been doing with their boxes.. and they sent me:

A box(and nappies inside).

I now have 2 boxes waiting for mumminsanity to arrive again, my next plan is a plane and a rocket ship!


What was your favourite thing to do with a box when you were younger???


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