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Maintaining Awesome August 29, 2011

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Pre baby you may have an awesome routine.. doing your nails while watching trash on telly or going and getting your nails done, dying your hair an awesome colour, making amazing meals, spending some time doing yoga or pilates, keeping a clean house, going to work, going out drinking with mates..

The fact is you are now a mum.. life will never be the same again. But don’t forget you are still you, the difference is trying to find time for you.

People are always trying to find a work life balance(some people spend most their lives trying to find it) and the equation becomes way harder when you add a child into the mix.

Unless you have a live in maid that is doing 100% of the upbringing of your child, I think its majorly important to maintain some of your previous routine.
Currently I have a under 1 yearold, and I think the goal at this stage is to keep 2 things from your previous routine… one for you, and one to keep you sane.. and to do them atleast once a month.. for example:
Maintaining your awesome hair colour (for yourself) and going out for a drink with mates (to keep sane) –  if you’re anything like me you’ll feel really guilty doing something for yourself, but believe me –  in a weeks time you’ll love that you’ve done it.

Another couple of hard things that come with becoming a parents is that you learn who your true friends are.. a lot of people promise they’ll be there for you, and then baby comes, they come once, and then you’re forever hearing excuses – embrace the true friends, you’ll need as much support as you can get.. if its just calling up someone to have a cry, or asking someone to bring over a meal for you as baby has colic and is forever hanging off you.. you will have so much gratitude for your true friends –  and don’t be afraid to ask for help so you can go and dye your hair/have a shower, or ask them to hold bubs while you do your nails while they’re visiting –  you would do the same for them after all..

One last thing.. your body wont be your favourite thing for a little bit.. do what you can, but don’t push yourself too much as you don’t need the stress, getting it back to ‘normal’ will come in time.. for now show off your favourite asset, with class.. if you have fantastic breasts, go out with low cut tops on.. if you have a fantastic bum, wears tight pants out.. if you have fantastic legs, show them off! it’ll make you feel sexy plus chances are people will only be looking at your assets, not your semi-flaws.



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