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Cartoons September 20, 2011

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They say that babies/young children cant decipher whats true and whats not –  this being the case, letting the ‘youngin’s’ watch cartoons must be crazy for them! The whole scenerio reminds me of the movie ‘The Invention of Lying’ –  this movie is based around the fact that NO ONE in the world can lie.

After being subjected to cartoons one morning when our Mr wouldnt settle unless he had something to focus on, I started to think about this a little closer…

Aparently our children can drive our cars, go swimming without parental consent, can walk around and cross the the streets by themselves, use icecream machines when told they’re not allowed too, can eat sugary food, can hide animals in their backpacks, eat food where ever they want too, not tell their parents where they are going, use mum and dads power tools/appliances, run around with swords,  and can hang out with stray animals….

It makes me laugh as so many parents are worried about letting their kids watch Family guy/Simpsons/American dad/Southpark –  and yet the Disney Junior channel is teaching all the ‘bad’ things they talk about.

The best thing you can do as a parent/caregiver is to be there for them to explain situations and not let stray animals into your house.



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