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Are you an addict?? October 5, 2011

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I think only parents know how amazingly addictive and healing a hug from your little oompa loompas can be…

The other day I was having a pretty rough day.. felt like I had a grumpy grouch sitting on my chest waiting consume any good thoughts that came into my head, while I tried to relax the most I could by lying on the couch, looking out at our view of Melbourne..when Hubby and son arrived home from a little grocery shop.. Mr had apparently JUST fallen asleep in his pram.. so I was cheeky and quickly set myself up on the couch with a blanket and his favourite soft toy.. pick him up and lay on the couch with him/let him hug me and fall asleep on me… At that moment as he cuddled down into me I felt this massive Orb around us.. the orb of no bullshit.. no crap.. no bad thoughts.. just peacefulness and happiness –  I’m pretty sure if Hubby talked to me I wouldn’t have heard a thing he said. Needless to say I felt fantastic for the rest of the day.

I don’t think non parents will ever understand this feeling.. I must admit when I used to see friends post pictures on social media sites of them hugging their munchkins that I thought it was ‘cute’ but I didn’t quite understand the awesomeness of the situation.

As my love for my wee man grows I can only imagine those hugs become more healing… My suggestion to you is the next time you see your folks, make sure you give them a massive hug!


One Response to “Are you an addict??”

  1. Missa Says:

    aWWW ❤ ❤ ❤

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