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New technology November 17, 2011

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Well I’m super excited … Just got my Xmas present early from hubby and bubby-an iPad!

This morning as bubs was being brought into bed with us… I turned on my new iPad and opened a kids story book app to watch with him, however it really got me thinking.. Technology has come in leaps and bounds since I was a wee one.. I remember watching the Simpsons on new colour telly before the news every night, and Sunday morning cartoons.  And yet bub will be brought up with technology all around him from checking the time on our phones/computers, checking to see if our friends are free via email/text message, and ‘hearing’ the news via digital news or on hd telly.. Which has just become the norm for everyone now….

Yes this is great, but it also extends the circle of role models to our children. So instead of uncle joe who drinks ‘happy juice’ sometimes and swings you from your ankles because he’s so strong.. We now have randoms teaching them that it’s okay to drink on the job… Or we have ‘plastic fantastic’ role models having divorces every couple of months instead of great aunty and uncle smith who have been happily married for 30+ years…or the batSHcrazy lady on a forum saying that everyone is wrong and her way is right and that everyone else is mean for doing something, instead of the weird castle lady living down a long driveway a couple houses over..

Regardless of  what pros and cons new technology brings, I think it’s best to provide a safe and comfortable environment for your growing family and to teach them kindness and courtesy, and also teach them that there are 2 sides to every story,  and to not force your ideas on people, just to teach them that to accept people of all kinds.


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