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The Test December 10, 2011

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You’d think after years and years of doing tests and exams, it would prepare you for the stressful moments of real life tests like the one above..

You try not to give it two thoughts.. You don’t even think the test will be positive, but those 3 minutes of waiting to see whether you have 2 lines or one.. What will happen? Will it go smoothly? Will we have to move? How will our current bebe react? What will our family think? Which hospital will I use this time? What method for birth should I use this time?…….

When that one line shows, you breathe a sigh of relief.. But you also cant help but see babies everywhere and think ‘how cute’ they all are for those 2 weeks following.

Our day will come again when the two life changing lines will show .. But I really do wonder if when that happens if we will be anymore prepared for it then we are now? We barely thought we could cope last time when we found out using someone’s else’s bathroom, and crashing in a pile on our blow up bed on a floor trying to figure out if we could cope! No job, no money…. But everything in life works itself out..

For now we will focus on getting rid of our debt, and plan our return to the country we call home for support and love:)


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