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Hair Dye Attempt 1 September 10, 2012

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Hello! Well I bleached my hair a month or two ago, not white white but enough to take on any colour I put in it. It would most likely be classed as a light brown now.


An awesome friend sent me 3 samples of semi dye to try and the one i’m trying today is Stargazer (hot red)
It comes in a easy to apply tube with gloves(you will need some scissors to chop the top off –  DON’T shake it before you cut other wise it might look like you’ve cut a finger off with the explosion from cutting
Shampoo hair and towel dry to apply
It goes on easy with the applicator and one tube has covered a midlength head of hair(just past my shoulders)
done in 15 mins(or enough time to put on an episode of something so that the toddler doesn’t attack me while I have a coffee)
the splatter from the applicator is a lot – I highly recommend clearing everything from your sink to do this as it stains instantly and that people visiting don’t think its a crime scene
It stains the skin aswell (as most semi’s do) –  I didn’t have any Vasoline to cover the edges this time, but I think regardless this stuff would have penetrated the Vaso and still make me look like a smurf was slapping me about –  Just make sure you dont have anything important to do for the hours following it just incase.

It coloured but not covered greys/regrowth that wasn’t bleached –  in some places it looks like it hasn’t even attempted anything. –  it isnt as pink as it looks like in these pics(this was done with morning light and a weird white balance)

5th day along now and my tips are slightly pink, but the colour is holding strong  – IF I had the right conditioner to keep the red maintained it would still look like new.

Overall its been one of my top 5 dyes to use!Depending on the other 3 I try I will most likely be buying this one again (ranges from $5-$10Au for one tube)


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