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Hair Dye Attempt 2 September 25, 2012

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Hair Dye Attempt 2 was done when my hair changed to an orange pink colour

As per my previous blog, a friend of mine sent me some red semi dyes to try –  A couple of days ago I tried ‘Special Effects’

It comes in a shampoo like bottle, with no gloves.. all it says is to shampoo your hair and dry, I let it fully air dry
I had an applying brush, but it didn’t go too well when I was doing anything that wasn’t my roots –  I didnt have gloves on me(yes silly me) so I only touched my hair right at the end to cover the tips so I could wash my hands seconds later.

Turns out this hair dye HATES anything that is lighter than black (excuse this extremely sexy photo.. this was taken after I washed my hands 6 times, and a 7th time with window cleaner)


When rinsing your hair make sure NO WATER RUNS OVER YOUR FACE –  I couldn’t go out for a day as it went over my face slightly, stained my eye brow and my cheek

Your shower/bathtub/where ever you rinse will need a MASSIVE CLEAN with something POWERFUL after you wash you hair out… my shower is currently in need of a bleach or something as its stained EVERYTHING, and i’m on to my 7th clean of the bathroom sink and its still red

3 days in and I think this is officially the brightest red my hair has ever been

excuse the hairstyling, you guys are lucky enough to get me in a semi coherent state without toddler attacks.. and usually my hair gets done on toilet breaks, and he hasnt allowed me to have one yet today haha

<- thats my hair style in bad light 🙂



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