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MY weird thing – Hypermobility November 16, 2012

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I don’t really mind if no one reads my few and far between posts, but its good to get it off my chest.


More research and more physio appointments have filled up my last couple of months –  i’m currently in the process of moving overseas again and its hard to find time to think about myself let alone what to have for dinner etc.


Its amazing me how much people/professionals say ‘wow’ or ‘you’re interesting’ when talking about what i’ve got.. I have been with it my whole life, and although it feels new because I have a name to put against it, it has been there the whole time and I just need to keep reminding myself that otherwise i’d be in shock by what the professionals tell me.


I have been kinda through a little bit of denial about the whole thing ‘how I could I have this’ ‘why do I have this’ ‘ will anyone understand this’ –  but at the end of the day this condition explains everything, and i’m very lucky to have a husband who’s understanding of it it –  I just assumed once he got an understanding about the whole situation he’d be going through the whole denial thing as well, but luckily hes just had it click in his head ‘o thats why she does xyz..’


Some of the things i’ve been remembering from my child hood that would relate to it i’ll explain below (for anyone who has this condition and has come across my blog) this is from 7-11 years of age.


Throughout Primary it always hurt to write with a pencil –  I was given those triangle thingies that slip on to pencils to make them easier to hold, which helped..


When I went through puberty I was in A LOT of pain.. my docs just kept telling me ‘growing pains’ or ‘inflamed growth plates’ –  I was told when I was 7 that I had hyperflex ankles(after years of running and going over them/spraining everytime), but that’s all that was diagnosed at that stage.. I was the first to trial new ankle splints for NZ, and tried all these different techniques & Arch lifters to try and give my feet more stability.


When I was 10 I started getting A LOT of pain in one of my feet, just down one side of it to my little toe, we just assumed I went over my ankle and damage the side of my foot –  after months of physio/xrays/appointments my Physio told me she had not idea what it was but it wasn’t normal –  she sent me back to the hosp to assess, they did yet another xray and told me they couldn’t see any breaks/fractures but assumed because of my pain that I had a hairline fracture of a growthplate and decided ‘why not’ and threw me into below the knee cast for 6 weeks over summer to see if that fixed it –  it didn’t, but I had time to figure out how to manage my pain during that stage and when I came out of it I was taught other ways of walking on my feet to make it not hurt as much.


When I was 11 I started getting extreme pain in my thumb/wrist –  like the feeling of someone putting a screw into the bone with no pain relief –  I couldn’t remember an exact time as to when I did it, and we just assumed I fell and caught myself, and after xrays/physios/appointments, I was basically told the same thing as my foot, I was put in a below the elbow cast and thumb cast for 6 weeks to see if that would help – surprisingly this did help a bit – but to find out that I lost about 20% of movement in my thumb, and was told to expect issues in later life with it like ‘arthritis’ –  I was just happy that the 24/7 pain had gone –  I still get pain in it from time to time, but I find strapping it up and making it so my thumb cant move for a little bit helps.


At the same time as my wrist my foot started hurting in different places –  after physio on it for months it was found the problem was actually in my knees, and that my knee cap slips out of place accidentally and lead to muscles being pulled due to compensation of this happening –  after months of physio the pain in my foot had decreased, and I was told that I need to be careful with my knees as my kneecaps are apparently always on a weird angle(they point inwards instead of downwards) and that  if they do point the normal way to expect swelling and to take it easy.


At this stage I was been told by my doc that I was the weird one that ‘he had to keep pulling text books out for’ – people at the local emergency rooms/xray/physio and docs knew me on first name basis and I was now known as the ‘weird’ one in the family.


Ive also recently found out that there IS a connection as to why I hate heat! Ive always told people id rather live in the snow then in the heat –  During my teenage years there was many times I’d pass out after a warm shower/bath, or that i’d sit inside on a hot day, or CRAVE to go to a cool pool… There was nothing I enjoyed better than swimming underwater, feeling at peace with pain, gliding in the cold wetness, and then coming up for a breathe and reality hitting again –  I’d spend HOURS in the pool, and I felt at peace around water in general –  it was a calming thing for pain –  I find now when I get depressed or have anxiety from the pain these days I find myself craving to be near water.


Right the child and husband have come back now I better go!


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