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Hair Dye Attempt 2 September 25, 2012

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Hair Dye Attempt 2 was done when my hair changed to an orange pink colour

As per my previous blog, a friend of mine sent me some red semi dyes to try –  A couple of days ago I tried ‘Special Effects’

It comes in a shampoo like bottle, with no gloves.. all it says is to shampoo your hair and dry, I let it fully air dry
I had an applying brush, but it didn’t go too well when I was doing anything that wasn’t my roots –  I didnt have gloves on me(yes silly me) so I only touched my hair right at the end to cover the tips so I could wash my hands seconds later.

Turns out this hair dye HATES anything that is lighter than black (excuse this extremely sexy photo.. this was taken after I washed my hands 6 times, and a 7th time with window cleaner)


When rinsing your hair make sure NO WATER RUNS OVER YOUR FACE –  I couldn’t go out for a day as it went over my face slightly, stained my eye brow and my cheek

Your shower/bathtub/where ever you rinse will need a MASSIVE CLEAN with something POWERFUL after you wash you hair out… my shower is currently in need of a bleach or something as its stained EVERYTHING, and i’m on to my 7th clean of the bathroom sink and its still red

3 days in and I think this is officially the brightest red my hair has ever been

excuse the hairstyling, you guys are lucky enough to get me in a semi coherent state without toddler attacks.. and usually my hair gets done on toilet breaks, and he hasnt allowed me to have one yet today haha

<- thats my hair style in bad light 🙂



Hair Dye Attempt 1 September 10, 2012

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Hello! Well I bleached my hair a month or two ago, not white white but enough to take on any colour I put in it. It would most likely be classed as a light brown now.


An awesome friend sent me 3 samples of semi dye to try and the one i’m trying today is Stargazer (hot red)
It comes in a easy to apply tube with gloves(you will need some scissors to chop the top off –  DON’T shake it before you cut other wise it might look like you’ve cut a finger off with the explosion from cutting
Shampoo hair and towel dry to apply
It goes on easy with the applicator and one tube has covered a midlength head of hair(just past my shoulders)
done in 15 mins(or enough time to put on an episode of something so that the toddler doesn’t attack me while I have a coffee)
the splatter from the applicator is a lot – I highly recommend clearing everything from your sink to do this as it stains instantly and that people visiting don’t think its a crime scene
It stains the skin aswell (as most semi’s do) –  I didn’t have any Vasoline to cover the edges this time, but I think regardless this stuff would have penetrated the Vaso and still make me look like a smurf was slapping me about –  Just make sure you dont have anything important to do for the hours following it just incase.

It coloured but not covered greys/regrowth that wasn’t bleached –  in some places it looks like it hasn’t even attempted anything. –  it isnt as pink as it looks like in these pics(this was done with morning light and a weird white balance)

5th day along now and my tips are slightly pink, but the colour is holding strong  – IF I had the right conditioner to keep the red maintained it would still look like new.

Overall its been one of my top 5 dyes to use!Depending on the other 3 I try I will most likely be buying this one again (ranges from $5-$10Au for one tube)


It could always be worse.. August 30, 2012

After a break up a few years ago, I turned quite spiritual and read a lot of things that made me adopt a new lifestyle..
Basically I wanted to be positive, and happy, and to help people.


I try to keep these going on a daily basis –  but you cant help but get down sometimes when you’re face with people who are the exact opposite of this, and in turn you think negatively.
The Motto’s that I have are “don’t complain about it unless you’re doing something to fix it”, “There is always someone worse of than you”, “you’d rather regret doing something than regret not doing something and the generic “do unto others that you want on to you  ” – I think you could live a pretty good life if you remember these.


With my new diagnoses, i’ve explained it to people/healthcare people have talked about it with a compassionate tone, which is lovely, but through out the unknown pain and tiredness, I just keep on going along and sucking it up, trying to not complain about it (unless I couldn’t move that day) –  i’ve had it for so long that I am infact used to it –  with now knowing what it is, all it means is I can better understand it and explain it to people when someone might make a comment of you’re lazy today etc… And even though I probably have a lot harder time than the average joe, I am still under the understanding that there is people worse of than me. I still try and go out of my way to help others, and being the photographer that I am I want to be able to help people with my skill regardless of my situation.


Take this guy for instance – he has Ehler-Danlos Syndrome – this is in the same family of what I have, but a lot worse –  and hes still trucking along best he can 🙂


I recently wrote a book with the online mothers group I belong to –  the main drive behind this was because of how my pregnancy was and how ‘the system’ convinced me i’d be fine and convinced me of other things that would happen along my pregnancy, which gave me comfort, and then to find out none of it happened just made me want to get my story out there of how my pregnancy was(and 34 other mums contributed as well), and to let anyone else who’s feeling alone in a situation to feel comfort in knowing that they weren’t actually alone (my book)


I don’t want to change the world, but my main goal with anything I do is that I want to make sure one person can benefit from something I do, even if its just telling the busy coffee maker at the local cafe that ‘s/he’s doing a good job’. I surround myself with people who I love and bring out the best in me. I would do anything for them, and would only hope to get the same in return. Of course i’m going to have breaking points from time to time, but because of the people I surround myself with, I can communicate how I feel/get it off my chest and this helps me a lot.


Life is a journey, enjoy it!


The Test December 10, 2011

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You’d think after years and years of doing tests and exams, it would prepare you for the stressful moments of real life tests like the one above..

You try not to give it two thoughts.. You don’t even think the test will be positive, but those 3 minutes of waiting to see whether you have 2 lines or one.. What will happen? Will it go smoothly? Will we have to move? How will our current bebe react? What will our family think? Which hospital will I use this time? What method for birth should I use this time?…….

When that one line shows, you breathe a sigh of relief.. But you also cant help but see babies everywhere and think ‘how cute’ they all are for those 2 weeks following.

Our day will come again when the two life changing lines will show .. But I really do wonder if when that happens if we will be anymore prepared for it then we are now? We barely thought we could cope last time when we found out using someone’s else’s bathroom, and crashing in a pile on our blow up bed on a floor trying to figure out if we could cope! No job, no money…. But everything in life works itself out..

For now we will focus on getting rid of our debt, and plan our return to the country we call home for support and love:)


New technology November 17, 2011

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Well I’m super excited … Just got my Xmas present early from hubby and bubby-an iPad!

This morning as bubs was being brought into bed with us… I turned on my new iPad and opened a kids story book app to watch with him, however it really got me thinking.. Technology has come in leaps and bounds since I was a wee one.. I remember watching the Simpsons on new colour telly before the news every night, and Sunday morning cartoons.  And yet bub will be brought up with technology all around him from checking the time on our phones/computers, checking to see if our friends are free via email/text message, and ‘hearing’ the news via digital news or on hd telly.. Which has just become the norm for everyone now….

Yes this is great, but it also extends the circle of role models to our children. So instead of uncle joe who drinks ‘happy juice’ sometimes and swings you from your ankles because he’s so strong.. We now have randoms teaching them that it’s okay to drink on the job… Or we have ‘plastic fantastic’ role models having divorces every couple of months instead of great aunty and uncle smith who have been happily married for 30+ years…or the batSHcrazy lady on a forum saying that everyone is wrong and her way is right and that everyone else is mean for doing something, instead of the weird castle lady living down a long driveway a couple houses over..

Regardless of  what pros and cons new technology brings, I think it’s best to provide a safe and comfortable environment for your growing family and to teach them kindness and courtesy, and also teach them that there are 2 sides to every story,  and to not force your ideas on people, just to teach them that to accept people of all kinds.


Are you an addict?? October 5, 2011

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I think only parents know how amazingly addictive and healing a hug from your little oompa loompas can be…

The other day I was having a pretty rough day.. felt like I had a grumpy grouch sitting on my chest waiting consume any good thoughts that came into my head, while I tried to relax the most I could by lying on the couch, looking out at our view of Melbourne..when Hubby and son arrived home from a little grocery shop.. Mr had apparently JUST fallen asleep in his pram.. so I was cheeky and quickly set myself up on the couch with a blanket and his favourite soft toy.. pick him up and lay on the couch with him/let him hug me and fall asleep on me… At that moment as he cuddled down into me I felt this massive Orb around us.. the orb of no bullshit.. no crap.. no bad thoughts.. just peacefulness and happiness –  I’m pretty sure if Hubby talked to me I wouldn’t have heard a thing he said. Needless to say I felt fantastic for the rest of the day.

I don’t think non parents will ever understand this feeling.. I must admit when I used to see friends post pictures on social media sites of them hugging their munchkins that I thought it was ‘cute’ but I didn’t quite understand the awesomeness of the situation.

As my love for my wee man grows I can only imagine those hugs become more healing… My suggestion to you is the next time you see your folks, make sure you give them a massive hug!


Cartoons September 20, 2011

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They say that babies/young children cant decipher whats true and whats not –  this being the case, letting the ‘youngin’s’ watch cartoons must be crazy for them! The whole scenerio reminds me of the movie ‘The Invention of Lying’ –  this movie is based around the fact that NO ONE in the world can lie.

After being subjected to cartoons one morning when our Mr wouldnt settle unless he had something to focus on, I started to think about this a little closer…

Aparently our children can drive our cars, go swimming without parental consent, can walk around and cross the the streets by themselves, use icecream machines when told they’re not allowed too, can eat sugary food, can hide animals in their backpacks, eat food where ever they want too, not tell their parents where they are going, use mum and dads power tools/appliances, run around with swords,  and can hang out with stray animals….

It makes me laugh as so many parents are worried about letting their kids watch Family guy/Simpsons/American dad/Southpark –  and yet the Disney Junior channel is teaching all the ‘bad’ things they talk about.

The best thing you can do as a parent/caregiver is to be there for them to explain situations and not let stray animals into your house.