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AT-AT August 30, 2012

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Being a stay at home mum my anxiety sometimes drives me to do some mad things sometimes.. but
usually creative – this post was made for I love) but I thought I’d post it here too 🙂

I have a dozen nappies boxes, and decided to pull out 4 of them and get creating

Now I don’t have any pictures of me putting it together, but the Mini Mr decided to destroy it 3 days
later(which was surprising that it took that long)

I used 2 boxes for the body, one full one for the middle, and a split box for the outer bits

I then used a third box to use as legs/the main support for my creation. I folded these like a triangle
to give it the most support and attached them to the body

I then made the other 2 legs to look more like my creation. So that the body and support legs could
still slightly rest on these two legs, ive made them strong enough not to bend. Basically the top and
bottom part of the legs are 3 bits of cardboard taped together (with a circle to sit on the knee and

And threaded into each other and taped some more for support

I then taped these to the body and used a small cardboard bracket behind them to hold them firm

And finally the head! I made a neck to hold it to the body by just using the corrugated portion of the
cardboard to my advantage by rolling it along the corrugated part, and made a pretty basic head .

And vwallaa!My Star Wars AT-AT attempt, aka imperial walker.. or as my mum calls it ‘the dinosaur’

I’m sure you could make all sorts of animals with these, and it would be an awesome thing to build
with your kids on wet days stuck inside


Sock Monkeys! January 8, 2012

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Happy newyear!! hope everyone is well!

for xmas I made a few sock monkeys as I had a Paul Frank monkey at home and it didnt look that hard (and it cost like $20!) so I gave it a try!!

I used this pattern to help me figure out how to do it 🙂

Sock Monkey

Sock Monkey










So here it goes! 2 socks!


Cut sock 1

Cut sock two(this will be the body)

Dont forget to sew things inside out

When stuffing make sure not to fray the edges as it makes it super hard to sew(and looks ugly)


Ive made a couple since these aswell.. My suggestion is not not use ‘winter’ socks and get the more  so jersey knit socks as they tend to fray less and looks less bunchy when stuffing 🙂
And getting socks that have a different coloured heal to the rest of the sock 🙂